Northern Range

The publishing imprint for Jay Swanson's science-fiction and fantasy books. None of which are currently available, sorry. But you can check out the podcast where we discussed the plan and chatted with some very interesting creatives from different walks:
Building the Oracle.

Meet the team

It takes a lot of work to put something like a book together, even more to pull off a project like Into the Nanten.
I wouldn’t be able to do it alone.
Thankfully I’m surrounded by a small crowd of incredibly competent and talented artists and literary artisans.
These are the people who bring my world to life.

Please hire them for your own projects – they’re each worth their weight in gold.

Into the Nanten

Nimit Malavia


I first met Nimit while I was living in Togo. He wasn’t in Togo, but a friend of mine made the introduction by visiting him at an art show in San Francisco then hand delivering a print to me back in West Africa. He has since been one of my favorite artists. I’ve often described his work as “A punch to the face, if your face was where your emotions lived.”

Dennis Kleinman

Voice Actor

When you first hear Dennis’ voice over the phone, it doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to believe he’s calling you from the depths of the jungle in the midst of an adventure. It’s one of the main reasons he fits so well for Into the Nanten. Dennis is not just talented, but incredibly responsive and professional.

Fantasy Books

Andreas Rocha


Andreas comes from the distant land of Portugal, making him the second-farthest-flung of my artists. He specializes in landscapes and sets atmospheric moods well in how he plays with light. Andreas is responsive, quick, and takes great pride in his work.

J. Caleb Clark


Jake came out of nowhere – if Reddit could be considered nowhere, which I think isn’t too far off the mark – and offered to help me improve the layout of the cover design on Shadows of the Highridge. He was incredibly quick and professional, to match his friendly and helpful attitude.

Marjolein Caljouw


Marjolein will forever hold a special place in my heart. It was Marjolein who brought my first character to life on the cover of my first book. I had a difficult time keeping from saying “That’s it!” to the very first rough sketch. The weeks of correspondence back and forth, iterating and watching the cover grow, were some of the most euphoric of my life.

Sam Spratt


Sam really needs no introduction – he’s the most famous one of us all. I had a hard time choosing between a real photo of him and one of his self-portraits because they are so fascinating. If anyone knows how to hustle, it’s Sam, and I’m both grateful to have gotten the chance to work with him and simultaneously inspired by how hard he works.

Jenna Stanton


Jenna and I worked together for a long time. I actually met her in my kitchen one day at what felt like random; she was in the process of falling in love with one of my roommates. I honestly can’t remember when the discussion happened where we decided to work together, but I’m so glad it did. I get few thrills as satisfying as finding a line she’s underlined with a star next to it. She catches all the little things.

Marie Bergeron


Marie is the Montreal Mystery. She’s an avid fan of gaming and Mad Max, and her fan art displays that proudly. When on the hunt for a cover designer, I always cast my vision first then find artists whose style might fit. After some digging on the intertubes, Marie’s work came up and hooked me instantly. In turn, as should be expected, so did her cover.