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Who doesn't like finding great books to read?

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The Northern Range currently houses little more than the books of fantasy author Jay Swanson. That’s the full disclosure for now.

However, it aspires to be the culmination of fresh ideals regarding publishing. It’s not that we dislike the current publishing model, or that we have any gripes to vent. We simply see that independent publishing is becoming increasingly viable with the explosion of eReaders like the Kindle and Nook. Print on Demand publishing is becoming faster and cheaper and has increased dramatically in quality. The time to publish your own work is now, and even some major NYT Bestselling authors are jumping on the indie train.

That said, it’s still a fairly treacherous plot of territory to navigate. How do you know, as a reader, if any of these indie authors are actually any good? How do you go about taking the risk to find out, and if you get burned, how do you keep from losing faith?

For authors the challenge is in getting help ensuring the quality of your work is up to high enough standards. And even if you’re meeting those standards, how do you find an audience when the market is being flooded with content that ranges from brilliant to downright horrible?

Our goal is to help bridge the gap. Readers, we want to find great independent books for you to read that are priced right and will give you a satisfying experience. Authors, we want to help you learn how to publish your own books and connect you to an audience that will love your material.

Our goal is to help build a trustworthy brand, much like the publishers of the past. We want to help bolster a fledgling industry and keep our beloved books growing. Join us as we grow too, and as we seek to help keep good content on the rise and the authors who create it afloat. But we need your help.

If you’re an author, editor, publisher, reader, or curious observer, please come back soon to see how you can get involved.